It is the time people start evaluating what the current topics are, and which are the industries involved in current trends. Let’s talk about Bitcoin, it is not a different thing. Investors and enthusiasts are actively looking at the current news and making a different analysis.

There are four major trends to be considered and becomes more prominent are:

  1.    ATMS Compatible with Bitcoin becomes available widely:

Different reports are showing that the year 2019 will be the year in which the number of ATMs becomes widely available. The traditional ATMs give this cryptocurrency to users in New York; most of the ATMs are exclusively used to dispense the Bitcoin. Most of the peoples create their accounts with bitcoin provider companies and after approval, they are able to purchase up to $3,000 worth bitcoins on a daily basis using ATM card. It is the best opportunity for the individuals; they can serve their financial needs and get bitcoins using ATM.

  1.    Additional involvement from central banks with cryptocurrencies

The unique thing about the bitcoin is that you can use it without having an account in a bank. On the other hand, in the year 2019, the trend of bitcoin may become understood that the chief banks start supplementing their reserves of gold and support the cryptocurrencies. A number of countries will start using bitcoins because the central banks shouldn’t avoid the cryptocurrencies at large.   

  1.    Growth in the smartphone that store Bitcoin

As everyone knows technology is increasing rapidly day by day, the tech brands now integrate the wallets to store cryptocurrencies. HTC announced the Exodus 1 with wallet based on blockchain. Samsung also has a crypto software wallet for this purpose.

  1.    Push toward more Bitcoin-Centric Tourism

Six years ago, a person spends ten thousand BTC on pizza and in 2018, the tourism board of Germany started accepting bitcoins for their services. When people travel to any other country the fundamental thing is that they need to exchange currency, if the tourism with bitcoin continues then people will completely travel with bitcoins.

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